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Jones Family MineCraft Server



Some background - This server was started because my son has a very big love for MineCraft and plays it on PC, XBox, and the Tablet. He asked me to help him with it and so after giving the game a good look over I liked a lot of the things that could be done with it and so I started running the server for in-house use only, it has been about 6 months now and we both enjoy the game very much and have been having a lot of fun with it, so we thought why not open the server up to others so they too could come and enjoy our server as well.

We have two main worlds the first is a city world where players first join as (Outlander's) to the server and they have very limited access. Once a player has shown that they would like to be apart of our server they are up graded to Citizen and they can pick a place in the city to build their very own house. Once they have picked a location for their house they are changed to a Builder to build their new house.

Now with that all said. I can tell you right off the server is not fully loaded and that it is a work in progress so we are also looking for others to join our server and help us test somethings out to help make it a better server. So far we have added 53 plug-ins to the server and I will list a few below for now.

The server is CraftBukkit v1.7.2 This is a privately owned server.

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