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Clearcraft is a survival server with economic and PVP elements put into it. We have plugins such as CraftConomy3, mcMMO, MobArena and ChestShop to add more things to do on the server, while maintaining the survival aspect of Minecraft as much as possible, with a server “hub”, or center, that has tons of buyable homes and shops! You can either venture out and live on your own, or live in the server’s hub!

We have custom biomes in our server! We have custom trees in every biome, along with a Savannah biome, Ice Mountains biome, Snow plains biome, Redwood Forest biome, Birch Forest, Mixed Forest, and a very rare Gravel Island biome. All of these biomes are fully custom, made by me and some admins, along with all of the custom trees. The terrain in every biome has been altered to be more realistic and more interesting to both look at and build in!

We focus on providing a server in which you can freely build in and not have to worry about getting your things destroyed by other players. We have plugins such as WorldGuard, NoCheatPlus, and LWC to prevent griefing, hacking, and raiding. We try to also focus on having a solid server economy, where you can trade with other players or set up your own shops in the server towns.

We also have MobArena with 3 arenas currently set up, allowing you and your friends to fight multiple waves of enemies and gain awesome rewards the further you get!

We are a very friendly community, with a friendly and active owner along with very friendly, active, and helpful admins. We are still developing and are 100% open to any suggestions our players have that could better the server. Come join us now, as we welcome all players!

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