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FusionCraft | Factions | Recruiting


Welcome to Fusion Craft!

Fusion Craft is a Server that will surely fuse your newest Minecraft relationship,

The Server was originally a Tekkit server but ,due to recent updates, has now switched to a Vanilla Bukkit server.
We hope that with Fusion Craft we can revolutionise community servers. We hope that our dedicated players can
interact with the server admins in order to make change and result in a better player experience!

The server is already starting multiple new themes and genres to apply to every kind of Minecraft player,
Should you want to play independantly to become rich and powerful?
Play together with friends?
Or maybe even play with a Clan through the Factions Plugin.

So why not give Fusion Craft a try?
Just have a trial run and see what you think?

Theres plenty to discover and plenty to enjoy throughout our server and we really hope you can join the fun too!

-The Player types-

The Minecrafter - The Person who just wants to play, and enjoy, vanilla minecraft. By Mining, Crafting, and Building. Whether alone, or with a friend.

The Team Player - The Person who loves to play alongside a Faction or Clan to become one of the most powerful clans ever imagineable!

The Role-Player - The Person who enjoys living an alternate life through Minecraft, creating their own story and their own lives!

The PvP Legend - The Person who wants to use their superior weapons, armour and FPS to become the best player vs player fighter around!


Obviously if we just said: "Go and play minecraft" Fusion Craft would just be boring like any other server!
But, instead we are offering a large variety of minigames to give you plenty to do in your spare time!

Hopefully all of these minigames should come with Item and XP Rewards, plus In-game Titles and Bragging Rights.

PvP Arena - For those of you that played The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion we hope you will be all too familiar with our PvP Arena, from 1v1 to all out war PvP
matches to come.

Mob Arena - If you like those action games with a set objective, you should like this! The aim for this arena is to have a large Mob-Filled,
Adrenaline-Fueled,adventure that you will need to use your Skill, Dexterity and Strength to reach the objective and finish the arena.

Civil War - If you have played Planetside 2 we hope you will understand the concept of this mini-game. In Civil War 2-3 leading factions will follow
a leader/god to lead their bases. These leader figures will most likely be high-ranking staff. However the Leaders will not be allowed to cheat. They
will also be unable to give the rest of your faction tips on completing the Civil War. The War will take place on a large block scale which means each war
could last Days until completion, each of the three factions will be fighting over a large Kingdom randomly placed in the map and each team will be given
the Coordinates to the Kingdom. Inside the kingdom will be large amounts of loot which should hopefully be carried across to your Vanilla world!

Role Playing - Though this isn't technically a Mini-Game the Roleplaying part of this server should be considered a optional, but fun, part of your
experience! Obviously like any Roleplaying server, the Roleplaying world will be using a strict set of RP rules, to be followed by anybody so that
Meta and Power Gaming can be avoided.

With the use of the Multiverse plugin we hope that these Minigames can be given their own individual worlds, meaning they can be larger and more
eventful then what you can find on most servers!

Unfortunately, none of these minigames will be available at launch. The only world available at launch will be the Standard Minecraft world.
We apologise for the inconvenience but it takes time to create the arenas and more time to set up the Multiverse plugin!
However, they won't be in progress for months, expect the arenas to be complete in Days, possibly a week or two!

These Minigames are subject to change, and more Minigames will be added in the future.


We would like to stress that Plugins are often very difficult to wire up. Therefore they may not be available at launch! However more will be added
upon suggestion, with minimal stress or Errors!

  • Essentials - Installed -

  • Grief Prevention - Installed -

  • Staff Ticket - Installed -

  • Factions - Fully working! Create your own faction! -

  • MultiVerse - To be installed within the next two days -

  • World Edit - To be used within the creative world to be made in the next few days -

  • DonationCraft - To buy ingame items with real money! -

~ MANY MORE TO COME! Please also give us suggestions as it is most likely we will use them! ~


We hope that Fusion Craft can have very supportive staff, with the aim for this server to be Community Oriented, always expect the staff to be
offering assistance and always listening to your suggestions!

Owner- IGN: Haribo_2011 Nick: MrHsGaming - As the Owner he is the one you will want to talk to for support and suggestions, however other Staff
are available

Co Owner: IGN: EmperorVids Nick: Crotchley - As the Nickname suggests, he is the admin likely to make you laugh through English Stereotypes and pure
entertainment. However don't be fooled by his immaturity at first, he is infact very genuine and can still offer you support. He is the head of the
Mini-Games and the writer of this Description :3

Server Manager: IGN: minerryan Nick: MrRyGaming - The Server Manager is responsible for the servers website and publicity! He is also effectively a
Co Owner so don't be afraid to ask for support or, again, to offer suggestions.

Developer: IGN: Syrocks Nick: Synchronize - Similar to the Co - Owner, he can offer support, help and suggestions for the worried players! and of course
develop new ideas for the server!

We are currently recruiting for staff! So sign up early on for a good chance at becoming staff!

Altogether we really hope we can see you on our server!
Offering your creativity and suggestions for the welfare of our server!

Try our server today with the IP:

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