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StoryCraft - Home of the Story

You hear a voice from behind you, yet when you look, there is no one there. You could not hear clearly what it was saying, or even if it was a man or woman, but then, from the darkness... it speaks again.
"You... are needed! They..." You can decipher the words now and make them mean something, but still, the words sounds more like a moaning than anything. You suddenly realise something... you are completely covered in darkness, a darkness that seem to penetrate your very soul. And yet, there is comfort in the darkness, as if a far worse fate awaits you somewhere else...
"You... must go... to find..."
There was the voice again, this time ahead of you, as if urging you to walk towards it. As you take your first steps, you start to see a small glimmer of light ahead, like the shimmer of stars. You remember the stars... but nothing else.
"You... must save..."
You are now so close to the light that you can almost feel it on your hands. You take a chance, stretching your hand out towards the light... then suddenly, your hand is engulfed in the light and then... it washes over you! You can no longer hear the voice... only the rolling of waves...
Waves? There is another word you remember... the sea.

StoryCraft, the server for the bards and minstrels of the world! We hope to bring a little adventure and story into Minecraft, alongside survival and the fun of building.Within StoryCraft, you can explore the world, find magical Runestones and gain experience and even greater treasures. The Runestones are scattered all over the world, and as the server grows, more Runestones will appear, bringing more Story.

All newcomers start out as Lost, but as you gain trust among the other players (and a few miles under your feet), you quickly rise to traveller (if you want it even faster... just leave a comment below telling us why you've chosen StoryCraft for your Minecraft Home... and perhaps what you look for in a server). Perhaps you explore the world further and find more Runestones, that exploration might eventually lead to a whole new title and powers, as you become a Seeker. Those who prove themselves to be great builders and storytellers might eventually gain even more glory and fame (and powers), rising to the rank of... Storyteller, and as more trust is gained, may even become Guides of StoryCraft.

READ THIS! If you want to know more about the various ranks on StoryCraft, you need only go to the update logs. There you can read what the ranks mean, how they are achieved, and more importantly, what commands they have at their disposal.

StoryCraft is a server where NO ONE NEVER NEEDS TO DONATE to rise in ranks, and where we hope to eventually build grand cities, castles, monuments and yes, even things that the Minstrel can't comprehend! We have a few simple rules, that all must obey, even the Minstrel, and if they are not obeyed, punishment comes quickly. All these rules, which aren't that many really, can be read in the Hall of Memories... the crypt of Kelloris.

For protection of your wonderful builds... we need a small plugin called Protection Stones. It is really simple to use, all you need to do is buy a Stone from the Hall of Memories in our spawn town, place it and your build is protected. You can even add others to the site, if you trust them and want them to build there as well. Just type /ps add (name). The Stones are Coal Ore (11x11x11), Lapis Ore (21x21x21) and Diamond Ore (41x41x41).

So don't hesitate... come join our server now and help us make it

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