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Immortal Craft
Welcome to Immortal Craft pvp! We are brand new server that is looking for dedicated players! This server is part of I cant mention our other server or this post will be removed. So if youre looking for a fun new server to play on come check us out!
Server Information
Immortal Craft is a Factions server where Obsidian bases are actually raidable! If you dont like only being able to go to sharpness 5 on your sword no need to fret! You can go to sharpness 7 on this server! Many of our enchants go higher than vanilla minecraft!

  1. No Spamming
  2. Do Not Caps, Its Annoying
  3. You Can Scam But Not Donation Scam
  4. You Cannot Hack
  5. No Pvp Hopping
  6. No Command Scamming
  7. No Advertising
  8. No Offensive Item Names
  9. No Duping
  10. Use Common Sense(If you have to ask its probably against the rules)[color][size][center]
    Torgash: Owner
    Kailam8188: Owner
    Mountaindewm: Admin
    Crimze: Admin
    Jem_: Admin
    Mods: Check In Game

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