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Nether Warz

Nether Warz


Nether Warz!!
´╗┐Nether Warz is a brand new server, with new ideas and concepts. completely redone worlds. Slimefun! Towny! Over 80 custom biomes to explore! Custome mobs to kill and rob blind! (even the infamous Giant Zombie) Over 50 custom enchantments for your gear unlike any enchantments you've ever seen! Nether Warz also has creative for those of you who love having your gamemode! Our main attraction is Factions but of course we also have survival for those who want peace and tranquility when around their builds. We have a lot of minigames some of which are spleef, mazes, Mob Arena, parkour and more! Of course there's pvp for you violent ones out there! Join Today...
[Parental Guidance]
[Explicit Lyrics]

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