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HierachyServers - Vanilla [No-Grief] [Economy] [1.

Town Hall
Take a portal anywhere
Try out some mutli-layered, snow building, Spleef!
See how long you last on /pa Deadfall

Note: Server is compatible with: Minecraft 1.7.2 --> Minecraft 1.7.5

General Information:

NB: This server has just recently been launched and
instead of closing it up for a couple months to construct a wide range
of infrastructure projects we have decided to launch it as soon as
possible so that people from our previous servers as well as new players
can join as soon as possible. As such, whilst there is a spawn and
minigames, they’re not completely finished or expanded to the extent we
wish. Any player is more than welcome to assist in the construction of
any part of the server, it is a new, growing server which we will see
last for a long time and so we invite people to be a part of it from the
very beginning and help it grow to become the server you want :P.

This vanilla server is 100% survival. All staff, OPs, donators and
players play in survival mode and only in very rare situations is
creative mode ever used by staff. As a survival server we find it to be
against the ideal of survival mode if players give out items, armour,
money or drops to other players for free (especially if they’ve just
joined). If you work together with people this is obviously okay but
players should not be giving diamonds to people that have just joined.

What’s the point in survival if you’re not going to play through properly?

However we do realise that people like to trade (a lot) and so there
is an integrated economy which works well with individual payments,
Jobs, Towny and Chestshop. Players are encouraged to interact with the
economy, grow it and suggest new changes to help keep it relevant and as
a key part of our server.

The server remains at all times, ANTI PvP,
Grief and Raiding – except for in Towny War and Minigames. Note: You
can be neutral during war. Towny makes up a large part of our grief
prevention system as no one can break your plot in a town. However for
added protection there is also LWC, GriefPrevention and Coreprotect. If
someone griefs- we’ll know who. Grief Prevention also allows people that
do not want to be part of a town to be by themselves and still be

The server has quite a few player ranks which everyone, if they put
in the time, can achieve. To advance to the next ranks most levels
require a certain amount of money, a certain amount of XP and a certain
amount of time played. These stages do not all have to be achieved at
the same time but function as a checklist. When the server notices you
have reached, say $500, it will check that off your list and you can now
go and spend that money if you want. You don’t have to keep it with you
until you have, say, 10 hours, playertime. You can check your
requirements using /ar check

Our server hopes to entertain with a broad range of components. We
hope with our growing minigames (always adding), playerlists, towns,
nations, alternative maps and more that we can provide enjoyment for all
our players. Suggestions are, of course, always welcome:

Main plugins:

Grief Prevention

Some general rules:

Honestly, if we have to spell these rules out too much for you perhaps this isn’t the server for you :P

Respectful language (no one really cares if you swear but keep it
respectful and not at anyone, also; capsing, spamming and raging is just
asking for a mute.)
No PvP, Griefing or Stealing except in minigames and during Towny War
No exploits, mods, hacking or cheats (Optifine is fine :P) (No anti-AFK setups)
Don’t ask for staff, items, creative etc. (this just makes staff laugh and hover over /ban)
Server is survival, please don’t give out items or money to people. Let them get them for themselves.
Some people love to go on about “its not on the rules” however I am
not about to write every little thing here so I am just going to sum it
up by: “Please follow what staff ask”. You can consider it to be “common
rules”. (i.e. common law for those of you that are familiar with the
Don’t do stupid, annoying things (such as 1×1 poles or building near spawn).

Just a general request (not a rule): Please speak English in general chat:

There are a couple chat channels which you can change between such
as general, town and nation. If you wish to speak to people in a
language other than English it would be great if you used skype or
private messages. If there are a lot of you feel free to request a chat
channel just for your language. For instance: /channel francais for
those of you that speak French :P

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