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About Us:
Welcome to BlitzCraft! We are a SMP Server with 8 Default Player ranks, and 5 donor ranks. Not only are we an SMP server, but we have the twist of an economy. We have a easy-to-use Admin GUI Shop, and a market place for players to rent and create their own chest shops. Money is earned to afford these things and to advance to the next tier player ranks by Jobs, Auctions, Lottery, and Shops.

We use unique combinations of traditional plugins to fabricate an awesome user experience
• There are 3 kits available to all users! (Food, Horse, and Starter)
• Chest/Land protections
• SilkTouch Spawners
• Voting rewards
• 50k block worldborder
• Toggleable PvP in all worlds - 1 PvP Warp
• Server economy.
• Auctions
• Lottery

The Economy:
• Along side pvping and survival, economy is a big part of the server and we treat it as such. The following are ways our server economy runs:
• We have an in-game item store where you can buy goods from our server, and a marketplace for you to sell items to other players.
• Auctions also are the transfer of large amounts of cash. All users can participate and start auctions at all times.
• Jobs are always an option. Although it may not seem like a very good way to profit in the beggining, As you progress to the higher levels and ranks the outcome is better.
• Players can easily get money ($1,000), a vote crate, and a diamond per vote.

Hope to see you soon! ~BlitzCraft

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