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I bring you guys today with an awesome server! ManVsCube! ManVsCube has alot of wonderful staff! You think you can be an awesome staff member? Please apply at! Of course, all this fun cannot be held alone, Sadley, there are rules! On every server you go on, I highly recomend you do /rules! /Rules is all the server's rules that you need to know, if you break one, your might be muted, kicked, banned, or worse!

To start off with, pvp has an awesome terrain so you can set out and build your hearts out, but be warned riaind is allowed. Please do not complain if you were scammed or raided! These things are allowed! Yu may auction to earn some money to buy gear and materials!

Second with, this server has an awesome survival spawn, an awesome shop to buy/sell and to earn money! You may auction to earn money to build! Griefing is NOT allowed! Depends on how much you grief on how long your banned!

Last but not least! Creative, in creative, you may use your imagination to build warps and to make some awesome pvp arenas! Your may set warps, and you may change your gamemode to either creative, or survival!
Creative as you can see is Plotme, plots are 200x200 so feel free to use up as much space as u need 3 is the max!

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