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About the Server:

What we believe:

We believe in providing you with the best Minecraft experience you can find anywhere. Heroes of Utopia is professionaly run by dedicated staff who want nothing more but to make your time on the server as enjoyable as possible. We dedicate the server to the PLAYERS and put their opinions FIRST. No more will you have to argue with admins over whats fair and just or be abused by inexperienced moderators. Heroes of Utopia is your safe haven from the perils of the Minecraft universe. We believe that we can bring you the best PvP experience, an ever improving world and the best community that you can find anywhere!

How we achieve this:

This is achieved by the staffs constant commitment to our beliefs. We listen to player feedback and work towards creating a game that players want, not the staff. Our Moderators are trained to follow strict policy so that no player will ever be unfairly treated. We ensure you that there is ALWAYS a member of staff or trusted community member ONLINE to assist you wherever possible. Not only that, but our server is online 24/7, 7 days a week as well! We have done extensive testing on all game mechanics in order to bring you the best experience well beyond your expectations.

What we provide:

After months of hard work and devotion from staff, we provide an immersive, ever changing world that is EPIC beyond belief. Our server provides the most dynamic PvP experience that can be found anywhere, with 5 unique primary classes and over 30 professions to master. There is plenty of dungeons within the world to explore with ancient secrets hidden within. Inside these dungeons are powerful bosses that drop customised gear. All of this was made possible thanks to our amazing community, come JOIN US today! Here are some more features of the server:

Features of the server:

  • 24/7 server with the capacity to support up to 100 players.
  • Dedicated team of staff to provide you with the fairest and most enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Fully customised library of plugins, over 50+!
  • Use of the Heroes plugin to create dynamic classes for players to level up in order to gain access to unique abilities.
  • Many dungeons to explore with mob bosses that drop customised weapons and armor.
  • Use of the Factions plugin so players can join with their friends to battle agaisnt foes while protecting their items and land from grief.
  • 2 Mob arenas for players to test their strength in battle agaisnt countless waves of foes.
  • Constantly evolving world, implementing the features that YOU want!

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