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Phoenix PvP 1.7.x | Factions & Raiding | Time Rank

Phoenix PvP
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[1.7.x!!] Phoenix PvP

Hey there!

I'm one of the two owners of Phoenix PvP, we're a Factions PvP server looking to grow, and hoping you will join us and help the process! We have a lot of great things about our server, including a great community, good staff, simple to use donor system, several utilities at spawn, and much more!

As a Factions PvP server, we allow griefing, raiding, and stealing, but absolutely no hacking! Any other types of behaviour that is cruel and unnecessary is not allowed!

Our server almost never lags, since we have enough RAM to run it, and it won't be lagging in the future, since when we grow, we upgrade our RAM.

Unlike other factions servers, our rank system allows a balance between donor ranks and regular players. On the average factions server, players are only ever stuck at one rank, and donors can get the OP Gear, just by paying. However, at Phoenix, alongside donating (which does have it's fair share of perks), you can rankup with time. Just by playing, you rank up, and get better kits.

Finally, we have custom potions. This means, there are potions that have multiple affects, and unique names. One for example, you get it in your daily kit, the X Potion. It has Absorption 2, Fire Res 2, Res 2, and Regen 2. Like the X Potion, there are countless other custom potions, which can be found in drop parties, events, or raiding someone's base!

Remember to vote for 10 levels, 3 diamonds, $500, 1 token, and 1 mcmmo credit per vote. You can even win more with our lucky voting system!

With a good server, comes good plugins, here's a list of some our main plugins!
and more!

Join us on Phoenix PvP today at

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