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  • Factions
  • Minigames
  • Creative Plots
  • SkyBlock


On CastleCraft, we do our best to make sure you have a quality experience playing on our Factions and Survival world. We're not your typical Factions server with the entire world griefed and used up. In fact, we do our best to maintain the world and make sure it looks nice, and that you can always find the resources you need to survival, thrive, and have a great time!


Our goal in Minigames is simple; we try to provide as any games as possible so you will never get bored. With 2 Sruvival Games arenas, a Spleef arena, a Skydive, it is definitely a work in progress, but we're working on it!

Creative Plots:

In Creative Plots, we do our best to give you an unlimited amount of possible creativity. With 128x128 block plots, you'll (almost) never run out of room to build! By ulitilizing PlotMe, you can invite your friends to Help you build also. The possiblilities are endless!


We have worked hard to make your SkyBlock experience absolutely EPIC!!! Our SkyBlock plugin is easy-to-use thanks to the build-in GUI we use. (Plugin: Ulimate SkyBlock) Like with most everything else, you can have your friends survive with you on your tiny island, or go on quests and challenges to earn more points and have you island on the top of the scoreboard. Your future SkyBlock fun and success is waiting!

Future Updates and Games:

?- Continue to update to new versions of Minecraft

  • Nations (An advanced replacement of Factions. More details coming soon.)
  • Finishing up switching from BuyCraft to Enjin (DonationCraft) and open Upgrades Store
  • Finish tweaking website
  • Better Creative Spawn
  • More Minigames
  • KitPvP?
  • Mob Arena?

Staff Recruitment Policy:

Anyone that asks for staff, administrator, moderator, or operator, will never get the requested position, or any other staff position, and will be subject to punishment dicided upon by an administrator. If you would like to apply for staff, use the links provided in-game or on this page when they are setup.

Map Orinigality:

All of the maps on this server are created by either me, the owner, or server staff. None of the maps on this server are downloaded. We do not post the maps that we have made on any website either, so do not ask to download them.

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