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PrisonFreak Prison is a place where the swine who practice total noobery are locked up for life, and can only acquire freedom through hard work in the mines.

Players may work for and sell items in stores in order to earn money. That money may then be used to purchase ranks, the highest of which is freedom. Free members of our server may build in the wilderness and enjoy a happy life, knowing theyve served their time!

Prisoners are confined to specific prison blocks or pre-defined areas, wherein they have the privileges listed below. All privileges are cumulative, meaning that a higher-ranking prisoner has permission to do all things available to their group, as well as all things available to lower ranks.

C-Prisoner (You start the game like this):
Access to courtyard, where you can buy plots of land to build a home.
Ability to mine for and sell iron, coal, stone and wood in mining areas.
Access to stores where you can sell items acquired in C-Block.
Ability to rent temporary lockers to quickly store your stuff while mining. ComingSoon!
B-Prisoner (Cost: $15,000):
Ability to rent temporary cells in B-Block for a smaller fee than the purchase of a Courtyard plot
Access to the fishing area.
Ability to mine gold, diamond and iron Sandstone in new mining areas.
Access to stores where you can sell items acquired in B-Block.
Create your own stores to sell stuff to the other players. Coming Soon!
A-Prisoner (Cost: $35,000)
Access to Nether.
Ability to mine iron,coal,gold and diamond in new mining areas.
Access to a totally customized Parkour area.
Elite-Prisoner (Cost: $65,000)
Access to the Elite Prisoner mall, where you can find a lot of different items to be bought and sold
FREE (Cost: $100,000):

Youre finally free! Leave the prison and build freely in the world!
Enjoy all the perks of previous ranks.
Factions Coming Soon!
Come back and visit your friends in jail.

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