This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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The Knights of the Red Dragon both a friendly Gaming Community and Order of Knights following the teachings of the Red Dragon. This, however is a friendly server devoid of all the Red Dragon stuff and just a place for people to play Vanilla Minecraft with friends and not have to worry about PvP!
There are a few donations ranks but they wont allow you to own everyone, just make you look nicer or make your life that little bit easier.
On KotRD the Staff are friendly and helpful and will support you with your problems, just try ask other players for help first since the staff might be busy.
We do have a website but it is underdevelopement for the time being.
We have a few plugins to increase you enjoyment but nothing that will take away from the feel of Minecraft.

This page is a [WIP] and will be improved and updated as time goes on.

One thing we do however find important is that of the wishes of our members, we want them to help us with picking donator perks and and new plugins more then anything and if you want to become staff, be active and we may ask you.
So if you want to have fun, don't greif, don't PvP and be nice!

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