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ZCMN minecraft server


The ZCMN Minecraft server is founded by Zach and Chase (Server Manager/ Owner), Mason (Server Sub-Manager/Builder), Chase (Designer/owner), and Nic (Moderator/Co-pwner). It originally had a castle made of quartz, then nether and cobble, and then currently sandstone. The server was the outcome of all of the founders thoughts and ideas, sometimes we didn't agree... a lot. The server is currently in the beta stages and not yet completely built, nor will it ever be (completely built). We have worked months on this. It went from Single Player World in 1.4.2> Multi-player in 1.5.2 with minecraft's offical server software> Multi-player in 1.6.2 with CraftBukkit > Multi-player in current version with CraftBukkit and online. The IP for the server is

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