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Hey MC community, I'm here to tell you about my new server, Crosswinds. This has been in development for about 5 months now, and I'm still working on ironing out the bugs, but I feel we have sufficient content to turn off the Whitelist and welcome players of all types to join in and have fun.

There's a wide variety of plugins and features to use and enjoy! Here's what my server offers:

Custom Map + Dynmap

The map here was created with WorldPainter over a span of 3 months. It offers a wide variety of custom made terrains, such as Themed Mines (Mines with only ONE material; Gold, Emerald, etc.) as well as a few surprises for wandering travelers!

Road System

Another feature I've added to the map is a server wide road system, these will take you anywhere and everywhere, but you don't ALWAYS have to follow the road, take an adventure off the beaten path and see where you end up!

Server Advertising

Yes, really! Do you own a server? Awesome, we have a server ads building in the spawn, use in-game money to rent a board, talk to Bonskoffa for all the details (Coming in and spamming your IP is still a bannable offense)


I've rewritten the entire plugin config to suit the players needs. Here at Crosswinds, there are NO RESTRICTIONS! Players are free to use whatever items or blocks they want, instead of being limited to your class specifications.


Towny is always a fun plugin, and I've toned down on the costs; $1000 for a town, with only a $5 daily tax! Towny is also a great way to protect your stuff, so venture out and find a good spot!

MythicDrop + MythicMobs

These two plugins combined create a very interested interaction with hostile creatures. Mobs carry around a wide variety of tools and weapons that you can collect, ranging from Common to Legendary. Items can also be buffed with Gems! Be beware, Boss mobs lurk in the shadows!

Unique PvP System

There are three global factions that rule the map, they are the Platinum Guard, The Black Flame Pirates, and the Lotus Clan. Joining is easy, they coincide with the Heroes Plugin, so grab a class, gear up, and you're ready to go! But remember, Factions have their own territory, and if you cross the wrong line, you'll be in for quite a battle!

Unique Shop/Currency System

All over the map are structures called Utility Builds, these offer players Admin Shops on the go, Instead of hauling your stuff all the way back to the spawn. Each shop is unique and offers shops that players can buy and sell from. Keep an eye on the currency list at the spawn to see what can make you money.

Persistant Storyline

Crosswinds is entirely based on an old Dungeons&Dragons story I wrote many years ago. There will be epic quests, as well as a community driven story that involves all the previous features listed. I will continuously add content to the server to keep player moving!

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