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Survival/PVP/RAID/GRIEF/PvE/RPG/Econ/MATURE/NO Abuse/24/7

Welcome to ShipCraft! A new server full of fresh opportunities. Here at ShipCraft we are dedicated to providing a mature pure survival experience. We are vigilant about keeping our world clean of hackers, cheaters, and exploiters that use gamebreaking techniques to gain an upper hand. We are also strict on our staff and will stop at nothing to prevent corrupt moderators and admins that abuse power and give powerful and valuable items away to friends.

Getting the good items on ShipCraft will not be a trivial affair like on many servers where the staff distributes items to whoever they please at a whim. You will cherish your enchanted diamond armor, your cow farm, etc. When someone kills you for it, you will want revenge!

We encourage you to resolve your conflicts through pvp, not just bugging staff to make you feel better(this is part of the MATURE part of the server). It will mean more to you when you are overtaken by an enemy faction(we intend to impliment some custom factions gameplay elements, more on that below).

I could go on for hours about our goals, just believe we have a lot of ambition and truely want to provide the best PVP survival experience possible.

Here are some of the plugins we are currently running(subject to change as we are still working on the final version of the server):

Silk Spawners

We are testing out many other plugins to try to mold the server to our liking. Join us and help us test and get a jump start on YOUR faction! We plan to have an extensive donation reward system offering convenience and utility perks to make life easier but not to throw PvP into your favor or give you an unfair advantage. We do not support pay4authority or pay2win. These donations will be used to upgrade the server and bandwidth to grow our community and keep our server running tiptop as we grow.

As far as the factions gameplay tweaks I mentioned above. I wish to impliment a "war" feature in which both sides can mutually agree to full out conflict, allowing both factions, as long as a defender is online, to grief/raid/destroy eachothers territory with no protection. So if you're interested in some full scale faction war, ShipCraft is for you! Of course you can opt out of this full scale even by simply declining to goto "war" with another faction, but you will still be exposed to traditional faction raiding.

I intend to work very heavily on balancing and tweaking pvp and faction warfare to be very engaging.

Enough talking, come login and help us craft the best survival pvp experience ever!!

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