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ApertureFTB (Direwolf20 Pack v5.2.1)

Aperture FTB, designed to inspire and challenge new players, We are home to 3 VoxelBoxers, 2 FyreUK members (the timelapse gods) and 2 SKCraft members (the developer of ever so popular plugins, WorldEdit and WorldGuard) Of which including the Owner! Our Server is hosted on a very high end server box to ensure almost no lag, and even has its own internet designed by real life computer scientists and developers! No FTB server can come better than this, claim your own land and craft and mine to build the most technologically advanced base you can, fly around in Quantum suits and tease your rivals with epic dark matter weaponry, as you race to become the best of the best, the supreme player, but remember it's not all about the money, It's also about the style! And having fun with your friends!

Our Spawn is a small village, and even includes a tutorial centre for all those new players! Our power is supplied to the whole spawn city by a high end safety insured Nuclear Power Plant, a solar generator array! and more coming soon... Join us at to see this wonderous server!

We also have our own TeamSpeak at: so an ideal place to invite your friends!

Visit our website community at:

Share, Vote and Invite your friends to our server to help us grow into an even bigger amazing community!

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