This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Madcraft Gaming - Factions - Hunger Games - PVP


Madcraft Gaming - Towny Wars - Hunger Games - PVP



Madcraft Gaming Server is a fun-loving server which aims to provide the most realistic experience for all of our players, wars are rife, choose a nation and fight for the flag! Moderators are always online and help whenever possible. Grief checks are very common, and grief roll-backs are compulsary so you don't have to worry!


Madcraft Gaming has many fun and amazing plugins, here are the main few:

  • Coming Soon Hunger Games -

How long can you survive in the arena?

  • BOSEconomy -

Economy plugin! Money, Money Money!

  • ChestShop -

Sell your items!

  • Towns -

Create towns, groups and clans with your friends! War!

  • Cookie Monster -

Get money from killing mobs!

  • Disguise Craft -

Turn magically into animals, even other players!

  • Egg Catcher -

Catch mobs into eggs!

  • Hero Bounty -

Got a problem with someone, but 'aint got the firepower to kill 'em? Put a bounty on their heads.

  • LWC -

Protect your chests!

  • Residence -

Protect your homes!


  • Dragon Travel -

Fly on dragons!

  • Plot Me -

Creative world, 1 plot each!

Help us keep the server up!

Running a server is not in any way cheap, as you all know. Our server in particular, is forced to pay $54 per month in order to provide this amazing experience. Please help us do this. You can also get amazing perks, such as creative mode, virtual chest, a prefix, unlimited enchantments, etc.

Please donate for ranks here: Donation Page

Visit our forums at: http://mad?craftgamin?

Madcraft Gaming Server was made for the people, and only for the people. We do not gain anything out of running the server apart from the pleasure of knowing you enjoyed it!

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