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Introduction and Rules

I'd like to start off by showing you all the rules of the server just so you can avoid trouble, read here - , These rules give you an in-depth explanation on what you can and cannot do so you avoid any hassles with staff members.
Now that I've gotten the semi-important part out of the way, now to talk about the server. CritPvP Is a factions, pvp based server. It is all about power, you want to climb the ranks and become the strongest faction there is, there is a Factions TOP and at the end of every week the faction who is #1 Will be rewarded. Moving on, this server features Custom Enchants (Over 80), Envoys, Drop Packages, McMMO, Titles, RankVouchers, GlobalKits And much more!
Some people may ask what Envoys and custom enchants are and even Drop packages, RankVouchers and GlobalKits so I'll explain them below, Custom Enchants - Newly added enchants in the game that come will all sorts of features which you can read about here -
Envoys - Envoys are like Airdrops, but instead of one chest, it's many and they contain 4 random items out of a giant variety which can be from simple iron to a Donator Rank. Keep in mind that these airdrops only spawn in warzones so becareful!
DropPackages - These are like item crates, but you don't need a key, they contain a variety of items and they come in different rarities, such as God, Legendary, Ultimate, Elite, Unique, and Simple.
GlobalKits - These are Kits that contain Custom Enchanted Gear, you can obtain these from Envoys, Drop Parties and by donating. They have a 3 Day cooldown and the enchants on them are random so it gives a wide variety of those types of items to be produced.
RankVouchers - These are what can be dropped from Envoys and even in Drop Parties, There are many different types of them, Ranging from Titles, to Global Kits, and to Ranks. Keep in mind For Ranks or Global Kits, they must be used in a warzone to prevent certain Policies from being broken.
If you've stuck around this far, Thank you so much and if you feel interested in this server and would like to give it a try. Here is the ip - No you don't need a port at all just those numbers!
If you have any questions or concerns that you'd like to establish please comment them down below! Have a great day!

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