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Welcome to Flashcraft Prison Server. This is our 3rd 24/7 premium Server that we have created. Thanks to all our users support. And we
hope that you will like our new prison server. We have a features of plugins installed such as Dwarfs vs Zombies, OP
Faction, Echo Pets, Disguise, Mcmmo, Money Atm, Black Market Shop, and many more to be added soon. You can chose to join using version 1.7.2

No Donations/No Cash:

All our ranks n kits are purchaseable using ingame minecraft money. No donations needed. We offer users a cashfree
and friendly community server to play minecraft.

Friendly Staffs:

We have a team of friendly and helpful staffs to help users in the server. And if you think you would like to join our team
force to help build the server strong, we welcome you to join us too.

How To Start:

When you first spawn into a prison server, you will start from ‘A’ Warp which is the lowest rank that you can be. This is
where all of the new players are, all the action, all the mining. In order to advance to a higher Warp you must collect
materials and sell them for money. You continue to mine on and get ranked up from Warp 'A' - 'Y'. Then comes ‘Z' Warp,
followed by the Warp Free and finally freedom.

How to rankup:

In order to advance to the next Warp, and earn money, you must collect materials. There are two different “mines” that you
can farm for stuff to sell. Here you collect materials to sell and earn money. You can easily sell items by using /sell hand.
You can only continue to mine, sell and rankup to get out of the jail.

How to go to Free World:

Once you are at the ‘Free’ Warp, you can now join into the OP Faction World. You can now go where you want, build a
faction of your own, get members, raid, pvp and do whatever the heck you want.

Rank Kits

Once a player join the warp he will start from Warp A to start mining and to rankup his warps and ranks. There are total 5
ranks in prison. And all the ranks comes with armour and weapons. Thus, you can also use these kits to pvp in our fighting
rings build in spawn.

When you jail break n get released to the OP Faction World, you will be ranked up to another stage of faction ranks. Here,
you can purchase ranks using ingame minecraft money.


A player is safe from attack. But we have fighting rings around the spawn for players to PVP.

Black Market

You can try to find a blackmarket where you can buy the ‘unobtainable’ stuff. Like Diamonds, flint and steel, swords, etc.
But first you need to find the exit to the Black Market so Good Luck Guys...

The Rules:

In prison servers there are rules. Breaking these rules, you may be jailed or the ban hammer will be spoken.
We have wardens on duty to maintain rules and order in the prison. When there are wardens on the server, or wardens are
logged in, there is peace, and any fights are put to an end quickly. If you do ‘illegal’ things when there are wardens on,
they will find you and put you into jail. Or rather, a jail within jail. So be wise on your actions.

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