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Welcome to the DMSCraft server guide! Here we will learn 3 basic parts about the server. These parts include Grief Prevention, Survival, and Donating. These 3 parts are very essential to have a good time in the server. Keep in mind, the only reason I put Donation on there was because I need to explain what you get to make it more clear.

We are lucky to have the Grief Prevention plugin! It saves the mods and admins time and makes it harder for a Griefer to grief. Grief Prevention allows you to start a claim where only you and trusted players designated by you can interact with the terrain. To start claiming your land for building, place a Chest. Chests start the claim off by giving you a 10x10 area marked by Golden Blocks(Not Real). In that claim you can do what you want without others being able to edit. To add a player, type trust (name) or to remove one, type untrust (name). If you would like to select a differnt or larger area, get out the Golden Shovel given to you in the default kit. The golden shovel acts as a wand. Right the 2 opposite corners that contain your build. This will increase the claim and give you more room to be protected. The default limit and max is 2,000 blocks. If you think you need more than talk to a staff member and we will be glad to create a region which would protect it even further! TIP: If you forget to protect something and it gets griefed or tampered with, tell an admin to roll it back!


We enjoy Survival just as much as you do! We know that you most likely have already survived your first night but we would like to inform you about some cool extra things you can do while surviving. At the spawn, we have added a Market where you can buy and sell. Selling with signs is limited so we went ahead and added the sell command to make selling things on the fly a lot easier. Selling will not grant you your full refund but it will give you a good amount of money. We have also added Survival Games which makes Surviving so much cooler! Although we dont base the server off of Survival games, we do suggest it to people who want to have a bit of fun. PVP is allowed there and it is hard, trust me. This also ties into Donating, read further to get the info!

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