This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Carnage PvP Minecraft Server (Owner: Gman_HAX)

Hello, and welcome to Carnage PvP! If you love to fight other players, steal loot, raid bases, and betray annoying kids, this is the place for you. If you hate hackers, spammers, and squeakers, this is the place for you! Carnage PvP has an array of plugins, configured to fit the needs of the toughest and most skilled PvPers. With a balanced economy to make sure that nobody becomes too overpowered, this is the ideal PvP server. There are plenty of places to take down your enemies, minigames including Parkour, and a 10,000 by 10,000 Minecraft world to explore. Potions have been reverted to their 1.5.2 states - Strength will do 1.5 hearts extra per level, regeneration will regenerate your health faster, and Instant Health will regenerate 3 hearts per level. mcMMo has been modified to stop any glitches from occuring, and several anti Hack/Spam plugins such as NoCheatPlus and AntiAd will stop anybody who tries to get in the way of your Carnage PvP experience.

Voting and donating will get you many in game benefits as well. Simply type /vote in game to see a list of links to vote on! Every time you vote on a website, you will receive $500 In-game, 5 Diamonds, and 16 XP Bottles, with a small chance to win even more prizes! We currently have 6 Donation Ranks that can be purchased, as well as many other donation packages. You can look at these more in depth here.

Carnage PvP includes several plugins that reduce lag and keep it pretty much non-existant. This ensures that you will have an amazing PvP experience and won't ever lag out while fighting or raiding. We allow cursing on the server, but not excessively. Thank you for reading; now it's time to log on and show the other players what you've got!

Have fun on Carnage PvP!

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