This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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A Hardcore Factions PVP Server



No Spamming

Do not use hacks, cheats, mods, or any form of exploitation

No PvP Logging you WILL be banned

No Advertising

If you ask for ranks you WILL be banned

No racism


Factions, mcMMO, Essentials, and non-game altering plugins.


Why is the server down?

The staff are probably doing maintenance. Check back soon.

Why did I get banned?

You most likely got banned for breaking rules, or hacking.

How do I donate to the server?

Log into PayPal and send your donation to with your in-game username.


Note: By donating, you agree that all donations are nonrefundable.

$5 - 8000$ in Game, /tpa, 64 Obsidian, Grey Nameplate

10$ - 12,500$ in game, /Warp Donator (Single Chest Bank), 64 Obsidian Green Nameplate

25$ - /Tpa, /Tpahere, 25,000$ in game, /Warp Donator (Single Chest Bank), 3 Stacks of Obsidian, Monster Spawner of your choice, Gold Name

50$ - /Tpa, /Tpahere, 50,000$ in game, /Warp donator+ (Double Chest Bank), 6 Stacks of Obsidian, 2 Monster Spawners of your chioce, LvL 30 * 2, Magenta Nameplate

100$ - /Tpa, /Tpahere, 100,000$ in game, /Warp Donator+ (Double Chest Bank), 8 Stacks of Obsidian, 4 Spawners of your choice, LvL 30 * 5

If you would like a custom donation package please contact Mystik in-game.

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