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Cannabis, Coffee, Towns - Coffee Universe

Cannabis Farms
Cannabis Crafting

Hello everyone, I have made some major changes to my new server ( Previously Minecraft vanilla ). I have attached a video to this thread with quite a lot of information on it however for those that don't quite feel like watching it allow me to describe the server via text; In Coffee Universe you start out in a small spawn where the shopping area is, there will be a lever by the shopping center entrance, pull this to view the rules and server information. You also must go here to get your starter equipment. Once you read all of the information you will notice a few items on the wall, "Cannabis Gage, New Cannabis Farmer Hoe, and Northern Lights cannabis seeds", now you may exit the room. I highly recommend joining a town to get started out, most towns offer a plot or two for newcomers to bunk in for a while until they make enough money to buy their own town. With that being said let's get through the basics. You will start out with 5 cannabis seeds, I highly recommend planting these as soon as you can, make sure they have plenty of sunlight and plenty of moisture as this will effect the amount of THC the strain has once you harvest it. There are male and female plants, the female plants will drop cannabis bud, and the males will drop cannabis seeds. Some seeds may offer more THC than others, again it depends on your crops conditions. This server offers several known strains such as Bubba Kush, AK47, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies, Cheese, Afghan Kush, Chocolope, White Rhino and many more. New strains are released on a daily bases. All cannabis strains can be crafted, simply test out new items with normal seeds inside of a crafting table to find all the strains. We also offer VIP members VIP only strains which can be sold for much more money, VIP members can also craft Femenizer which can be used with your cannabis seeds to turn them into females. This will ensure that you have a 100% chance of the plant being female and dropping bud. Cannabis plays a fairly large part in this server, but that isn't all we offer. We have quite a few coffee's, refreshers, and teas that can be made, sold, or consumed for the neat effects they give you. A few known drinks are the Mojito Refreshers, the Strong Coffee, Snow Cream Frappuccino, Strawberry Shortcake Frappuccino, Pumpkin Pie Hot chocolate, and much much more. New drinks are ALSO being released EVERY SINGLE DAY. I work hard to ensure new content is released on the server multiple times a week to make sure my community never gets bored of the same old things. Each strain of weed offers different effects, each THC levels offer more intense effects, each coffee, tea, refresher, frappuccino, etc. Offers a different effect! You will never find two drinks with the same effects. With that being said the small community we have thus far is extremely friendly and helpful, we offer the very best staff support I've ever seen. If you have questions on how to craft a certain item simply ask in the chat and someone will help you. There is a town available for newcomers for temporary shelter until you can earn enough money to go on your own. I really hope I will be seeing you all in-game.

Skype name: Johnisawesomelmao
Server website:
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