This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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SpookyCraft Pixelmon Server


| Pixelmon | War of Mineperium |
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Welcome to our server - SpookyCraft! Our server is online 24/7 with no-lag which makes our server enjoyable to play on. Our professional staff ensure that your experience on the server will be the BEST. With two different types of servers to play on, you will never be bored!

NONE of our servers are whitelisted so you can join right away once you enter the IPs

SpookyCraft Pixelmon Server (

If you are the type of player that likes to explore, gather materials, build, and make friends than our SMP server will be the best choice for you. In our server, we have many plugins that both protects the players and also provides a unique and fun experience for them. We have different events on the server which allow players to win prizes or even donation ranks. These events are always unique and fun and any player can join them for a chance to win. So come try out our SMP Server. The only limit to the amount of things you can do on this server is your own imagination!

SpookyCraft War of Mineperium (

For those players who like being the best, battling enemies, and fighting with your fellow players than our PVP/RPG server is for you. In an all out battle between the Phantoms and Mercenaries, it is up to you to pick a side and help your kingdom rise to victory. We have 3 main classes to choose from which are: Mage, Warrior, and Archer classes. Mage class is a spellcasting type class, Warrior is a sword/axe based class, and Archer is bow/sword based class. Each type of class has its own strength/weaknesses against other classes depending on which class you choose. Also you will recieve different skills and abilities based on which you kingdom you join on the server. To help enhance your experience on our PVP/RPG server, we have added McMMO and Heroes plugins. These plugins will allow you to level up your character and your skills on the server. Below you can see some pictures about our War of Mineperium Server:

PVP/RPG Trailer - Made by Evil_Serban v=Y8404NIFSFE&list=UUNT596c917zzEc01RR3ufGQ&index=0&feature=plcp

SpookyCraft Staff List

With our many experienced staff, we make sure that you have an awesome experience on our server. Please contact one of the staff below if you need any help on the server:

Owner: 1born2kill and iSpooked

Co-Owner: McJuice

Admins: xstriker121

Developer: Technius

OPs: StormeR149, strigion

Moderators: N/A

SpookyCraft Donation Ranks

In our server users can buy different donation ranks each with their own perks. Below we have listed the ranks that donators can donate for:

VIP - $10.00

VIP+ - $20.00

Ghost - $30.00

Apparation - $50.00

Shadow - $80.00

Nightmare - $250.00

Custom Title - $10.00 (One color for title)

Custom Title - $15.00 (Multicolor)

1M SCR - $2.00 (In-Game Currency)

5M SCR - $7.00 (In-Game Currency)

10M SCR - $10.00 (In-Game Currency)

These donations only apply to our SMP Server. We are working on adding donation perks for PVP/RPG

For more information about the ranks visit:

SpookyCraft Server Rules

These are the main SpookyCraft server rules. If you fail to comply with our rules you will be first warned with a kick (except for hacking/griefing/advertising) and 2nd offense will be a ban. These rules help us keep our server fun and safe for our users!

1) NO Hacking

2) NO Griefing

3) NO Advertising other servers

4) NO Spamming

5) DONT steal other players items in the game

6) DONT ask for OP or ADMIN when you are on the server

7) Respect other players and staff on the server

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