This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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VoidedPvP is a OP PvP/Raiding server that is in need of donators to keep the server up and running. Our server has various plugins such as, ObsidianDestroyer, McMMo, iConomy, SilkSpawners (Donators only), Factions, and much more!!

The staff members often have DropParties every few days, or if someone donates to the server. The stuff included in the DropParty is very useful for base building and pvping. Our server also has a shop, our shop was built by the VoidedPvP staff. The shop includes tons of items, over 150+! This server has ObsidianDestroyer, obsidian breaks after 7 hits of tnt, Bedrock breaks after 12 hits of tnt. This also works for creepereggs, although the blast radius is a bit smaller than the tnt. We allow raiding, use the stuff included in the kits and the dropparties to your advantage! Don't have anything to do? Play the MobArena! Often the MobAreanas are open and ready for players to play!

You can also donate to the server, this goes directly towards the server to help pay for the website and the server. Any donation is useful to the server, we take anything we can get. Each rank has a unique amount of commands and kits for the donators to use, this includes having a donator shop! Use the website down below to donate.


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