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Welcome to the Frontier PvP mine servers post!

Please read the information below as it will get you far in life. :p


1) Do NOT advertise other servers here.
2) Do NOT Ask for staff! It is annoying. We are a new server, too, so who is there to staff? Anyways, if you REALLY want staff... apply here:
3) Treat all people like you would treat staff.
4) If you find a glitch, be the good guy and report it. Don't exploit or abuse it.
5) Don't argue with a staff member. It's not smart o.o
6) Do NOT spam.. I REPEAT: DO NOT SPAM!!
7) Try not to swear constantly, consecutively, or continuously.
8) Do NOT use any modded or hacked clients of any sort under any circumstances! You'll be banned on the spot!

Requirements for staff:

  • Must say your IGN and IRL Name. (In game name and In real life Name)
  • Must be at least 13 years of age.
  • You cannot break the rules more than once. (You can break it once, but that doesn't mean do it..)
  • Must be seen (by a staff member) that you are capable or can handle being staff.
  • Must have a voucher (don't go around asking: "Can someone be my voucher so I can be staff?!"
  • Some way of communication. I prefer Skype.
  • Must be on the server for AT LEAST a week!

First and/or last name:
Rules broken ___ times.
Reasoning why for staff:
What you would do when you ARE staff:

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