This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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NoGriefers | Parkour | Towny | Creative | and more


Hello all fellow members of NoGriefers! We have recently created a new website, being much more accessible and efficient.
We encourage you to join the website to stay updated and gain access to our many features! To join the website simply log in to your Enjin account. If you do not have an Enjin account, you can simply create one @ . After you've created / logged in to your account, simply click "Join Website".

Custom Plugins

  HardcoreParkour by DailyLove
  Mentioneer by DailyLove
  CommandHelp by DailyLove
  MineReset by DailyLove
  More coming soon...


The NoGriefers forums are a great way of discussing topics, showing off your achievements, ect. You must join the website before you have access to the forums.
Please no spamming, or negative content :).


In the donation menu there is a variety of ranks you can purchase. The items will have a description explaining all the benefits. If you decide to purchase one, it will automatically sync to the server! The only payment method is through PayPal.


On the voting page there will be multiple links to vote on. Once you have voted and correctly entered your username and the verification you will instantly receive 15 Points in-game! You may vote every 24 hours.


On the "Status" page there is a list of different unique server related stats including players total timed played, Server Status, Players Online , and server ping, ect.

Chat Room

The Chat Room is used for simply talking, or for users in need of help. Only registered users can chat in this module. Please do not spam, or be Inappropriate.

Have fun!

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