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Darkside Cookies


Resonant Rise Pack (

Welcome to the Darkside! We are a family of gamers who have a special love for Minecraft. Our server is up 24/7 and has no whitelist, making it very easy to come and pla us. We have players from all over the world, Australia, England, Sweden and All over North America. Our staff is well experienced in the many versions and mods of Minecraft, some of whom even make mods themselves! We do our best to keep griefers and dupers out of our server, keeping the world fun and enjoyable for all involved. We host parties for most holidays, with prizes given to all who attend. Group parties are held at the beginning of each month for everyone who has a birthday that month! So come join the Darkside! we have cookies and Minecraft…..What more could you want?

Resonant Rise Pack (
Resonant Rise Pack was created for the people that want play a variety of mods. also used in the Miante livestreams. It has a plethora of mods ranging from magic and tech, to exploration of land, sea and build your own Jurassic park!

The added mods use this code: Zr87h5r3

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