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First off if you are looking for a small community server, this is the server for you. Active members will get the opportunity for Mod+.

Welcome to the TalicMc Server listing. TalicMC is essentially my Minecraft server that I decided to release, I thought it would be nice to make a server that had both survival games and a creative world running at the same time so it could account for both types of people, in addition their is also a just outright survival choice the second you join.

The server support MultiVerse so straight off the bat that means I could have the Survival Games, The Walls and Spleef arenas all running at the same time, this would count for all the minigames and on top of that I have installed PlotMe which is a creative element to the world which means the world it just pure 32x32 plot land that will NOT get greifed at all.

Soon I will be implementing fully my website which is, instead of using a pre-made Enjin site I think it is a far better to create my own; The benefits of making my own means alot more customization. It's very boring seeing the same Minecraft website design all the time, in addition this means I will also be able to bring unique content to the server which will benefit our members. Finally I will be adding a forums, users who use the forums will recieve in-game perks according to their activity on forums, it is also good to note users will have a better chance at Mod if active on forums and in-game.

Hope you enjoy my server, expect alot more updates and content to be added in the coming weeks, will also be recruiting staff members such as Mod's and possibly Admins.

See you soon!

Best regards,
Talic (Charity_Case).

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