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We are a Faction/PVP/Raiding/Strategy Server we have many plugins for great entertainment and loads of fun we have combined many great ideas for the server to come to life we are constantly trying to make the server more fun and more exciting for your entertainment. We have many ranks with many different aspects of the game, currently we have 8 normal ranks (we will add more) 2 staff ranks, 5 donator ranks (might add more). The game is based off many ideas from some of the most kind and wonderful staff.
Appeal on our Forums. Look to find the appeal. No Hacking = Ban No Spamming (Every 5 Secs) = Mute 1 Min, 2nd Off Mute 30 Mins, 3rd Off Tempban 1 Day No Duping/Caught with Duping Item = Player File Wipe, No Exceptions No Spam (3 Times Asking) Begging for items or staff = Mute 5 Mins, Mute 30 Mins, Mute 1 Day No Advertising = Perm Ban Stealing and Griefing In Factions is allowed Tricking people into your faction and killing them is allowed Scamming is allowed (Go get revenge on the scammers .) Disrespecting Staff will result in mute and possibly ban Want to become Staff? Make an app on our forums.

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