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Climax Network


Over the past Three Years I have met many people, some of which became friends, and the others bitter rivals. I have always strived to be part of a server which could not be out matched in its enjoyment and welcoming environment However, after the failure of my predecessors, I have come to the realization that if I wish to see a server like this in MineCraft, I must be the one to create it.

So I am here today, accompanied by fellow gamers who share common intrests, to bring this dream to life, to create Climax Network. The dreams and hopes of my friends and I have been combined to bring you the best out of our server and overall gaming experience to strive for perfection while not forgetting about our players. We are a server that wishes to be the best, to create friends that would have not otherwise met, to focus on what the people want, and to build and create things never before seen, while still being loyal to our community.

Welcome to Climax Network.

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