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(1.13) ZumaCraft Survival Server


Welcome to the ZumaCraft Survival Server

Survival at its finest.

About the Server:

Our server is a very community driven server that lives and breaths survival. We have many additional plugins that are only meant to enhance the survival experience. We try our best to ensure that people feel at home when they join and that the community welcomes them with open arms. The map we are using is entirely new and only has been up for about a week! Come on in and enjoy the server!

We do not use a whitelist, as we believe that it is just a way to prevent new players from joining and enjoying the server.

Our IP:

^If ^that ^does ^not ^work; ^this ^IP ^should: ^


Images of the Server:


[1] No Griefing

[2] No Spamming

[3] English only please

[4] Don't use any exploits or cheats

[5] Don't ask staff for items or ranks

[6] No advertising

[7] No PvP

For a more in depth list with descriptions, check out our discord

Our Staff:


  • Zuma

  • EpicPie2600


  • Kiezilla

  • Nimatsu

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