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Survival Spawn

Survival Spawn

Image of Survival Spawn
Smiggles The Squid

Smiggles The Squid

SkyBlock Spawn

SkyBlock Spawn

Image of our SkyBlock Spawn
The Hub Gang

The Hub Gang

Image of statues at our hub

Featuring fun, innovative and entertaining gameplay with experienced staff maintaining each server. We strive to create the best minecraft server experience. With responsive servers, minimal lag, and a playing experience we are proud of. We are an accepting community with no tolerance for those who are not creating a positive experience for others, as a server that prides itself in both the satisfaction of players and staff.

FluffCraft Survival (NO RAIDING OR PVP):
Random spawns for the Wilderness, Resource World, The Nether and The End
Unique and simple land claiming system
Claim up to 20 land chunks with changes to earn more by building
Unique and deadly mobs with special loot rewards
*Creeper block damage off

3 starter Islands to choose from (Normal, Easy, Hard)
Item loss turned off
Nether Access
*Parkour World

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