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This server is for fun and friendly people who just want to come and enjoy their time with a new server. Tired of spending a lot of time building something and having someone come by and reck it all? I don't have tolerance for griefs, bad behavior or language. Just a friendly place to come and enjoy minecraft.

Lockette - Lock your chests and protect it from explotions
Bank for XP and Money
Citizens-Sentry/NPC Body Guard
Party Chat
Free Ranks plus Donor Ranks
Get paid, in game cash per hour you play along with 300 claim blocks to protect your work with.
More Slots on Ender Chests/ Able to access Ender Chest from anywhere with a command
Backpacks that carry more items with you that you can rename. Each rank has a higher amount of slots
Donation Shop and In Game Shop
and more

No cheating, cursing, griefing, or stealing.... doing any could result in permanant ban

Thanks for joining my server and enjoy your stay.
(Note: Will add more player slots after enough donations to upgrade the server for more... All Donations go towards making the server better and upgrading my desktop which I run my server on at home... I only use my desktop for the server so it's running 24/7 unless I'm updating it or restarting the desktop)

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