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Evisea Towny

Evisea Towny / Survival


At Evisea we strive to create the most unique experience for Towny as possible, but still keeping all our content relevant to eachother. A modified survival experience, as well as anti-grief and claims are some of the features we offer. We even have Tinker Tools based on the Tinkers Construct Mod!

Other features:

  • Fully dynamic 45 degree world map
  • Fully customized biomes(over 20)
  • Quests
  • Jobs
  • Crates
  • In-game ranks

and much more!

Join today using, or check out our website at

The owner is very petty, the staff team is untrained and abusive to the playerbase. The server is full of bugs and these bugs are almost never fixed. the longest someone can play on the server is 5 or 6 months before you get banned for a petty reason. quote from the owner, "Its not about the money, its about the bullying."
Posted 29th Dec 2017