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MCFun Central


Welcome to MCFun Central! We are a fun minigames server dedicated to you having fun! We currently have 7 minigames: Color Shuffle, Parkour, Jailbreak, Kit PvP, Creative Plots, and Redstone Rebelling. Votes are currently open for en eighth minigame, so leave your suggestions!

For each minigame you play, you earn a certain amount of money. You can use that money to buy awesome things in the mall, such as a full diamond, iron, gold, etc. set of armor and tools, food, enderpearls, etc. We are also currently working on an arena where you can use those items to fight to the death!

For news about MCFun Central, please visit our two websites:

You can also connect to MCFun Central by using our sub-domain,

We hope to see you there!

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