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ArenaGames is a newly developed plugin by Dcgaming and it is all about PvP battles with objectives to complete for example collect the two pieces of wool from the opposite team and placing them on top of your castle, We are looking for loyal players who will enjoy playing it as much as we have enjoyed developing it. We also have 3 other server that we will be launching after the original launch depending on how popular the server proves to be

The first map you will play on is a Capture the Wool game type and you have to build across the void area and get past the enemy spawn and steal both pieces of wool from behind their castle and then get back to your spawn and place it on top of your own castle.

If you believe a player is breaking any of the rules below, Use the /report command. Example "/report dcgaming Spawn killing"


Respect everyone
Do not use excessive rudeness and swearing.
Do not spam.
Exploiting glitches/bugs.
Do not advertise any non ArenaGames server.
Listen to staff members.

You may not spawn camp.
Spectators may not give match information to any players on team.

You may not use any client modifications that give you an unfair advantage other other players
Optifine is allowed to be used as it does not give an unfair advantage.
?You may not use the following modifications:
Any Fly mods
Any Auto-hitters
Any X-rays.
Any Minimaps
Any reach extenders.
Any Aimbots.
Any Auto-sprint modifications

Team Griefing is any action that harms one's team.

The following actions any Team Griefing:
Destroying team chests or work benches.
Pushing players off the world.
Spleefing team members
If your offence is minor you may get a warning that will go onto your record.
If you continue what you are doing after the warning then you will get a kick which will also go onto your record.
If you still persist with what you are doing you will be temporarily banned for 5 days and then if you continue you will be permanently banned from our servers.

If you are caught hacking/cheating your will be permanently banned without warning.



  • Dcgaming (Plugin dev/Owner)
  • Thomasb454 (Owner)


  • Manmadecloud (Admin)
  • Michealwilson94
  • Sneezy1235 (Admin)
  • Icewazezero (Admin)


  • Kirbill97 (Moderator)
  • Swimfreak10 (Moderator)
  • Darthblain (Moderator)

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