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MPSurvival is a community as well as a server. The combination of professionalism, plugins and players ensures that your experience will be a good one!

The plugins we have are:


We have two plugins that allow players to protect their items and homes from griefers.
"Lockette allows players to lock chests and doors to stop their items being stolen."
"Residence is a great land protection plugin, it completely stops players being able to destroy your home."


Even though the server is not based around player versus player combat, it is still important that it's a fair aspect of the server.
"CombatTag is a great anti-PvP log plugin, if a player logs out during PvP they are instantly killed. You will get get your loot."
"AntiCheat ensures that all players have a fair experience on the server, modded clients ruin the game."


While most survival servers have an economy, MPSurvival boasts multiple ways of making money.
"The jobs plugin is an easy way to make money, there are so many jobs and you can have up to 3 jobs at the same time!"
"It is very important that players feel appreciated and to show that, we reward them with votifier!"
"The shop and auction plugins encourage players to buy and sell items which brings the community together!"

Just for fun

While survival is quite serious, we thought it was important that players can have fun.
"Mob disguise lets players disguise as passive and hostile mobs!"
"The voting crate is great, it rewards hard working players!"
"The new vote party feature really makes the server standout".

Every server must have rules in place to ensure that players are safe and have fun:

Advertising other minecraft servers or their content is forbidden.
Poaching other players to start a server with them is forbidden.
Any form of profanity in the global chat is forbidden.
The use of any language but English in the global chat is forbidden.
Flooding the global chat with messages is forbidden.
Pasting any links into the global chat is forbidden.
Advertising YouTube channels is forbidden.
Giving out personal information is forbidden.

The use of modified minecraft clients and/or x-ray texture packs is forbidden.
Harassing other players is forbidden.
Griefing land belonging to another player is forbidden.
Report exploits to an Admin, abusing them is forbidden.
Requesting information about plugins is forbidden.
Committing fraud against other players is forbidden.
Selling crate keys obtained via voting is forbidden.

Using mob disguise in combat is forbidden.
Using godmode to escape combat is forbidden.
Using flymode to engage in or escape combat is forbidden.
Impersonating another player with a nickname is forbidden.
Selling or distributing items from donator kits is forbidden.
Spawning monsters and/or animals for other players is forbidden.

At MPSurvival, we accept all types of players from builders to fighters. We do not discriminate any player regardless of where they are from. What are you waiting for?

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