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Ive been working on this server for the last few days, and am now ready to release it.

This server has 100% uptime and a host powerful enough to run without lag.

The main focus on this server is faction wars, I hope to become a fairly large server one day and will provide all the maintenance needed to do so. No staff members will have creative mode for normal gameplay and will all be normal players who are there to help people and search for rulebreakers.


  1. Raiding and griefing are allowed
  2. Do not ask staff for any special permissions ingame, such as OP, creative and the like.
  3. Do not ask for staff . I dont need staff members who go from server to server asking for staff. I dont care if youve been staff before, its not happening.
  4. Dont be rude in the chatbox
  5. The main chatbox is ENGLISH only. talk in faction chat if you need to talk in another language.

I look forward to seeing you on BurstCraft!

Plugins installed on server: boseconomy, factions, essentials, iauction, mcMMO, mcore, nocheatplus, vault,

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