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We're a survival freebuild server which we're very strict when it comes to our rules!

We're a proud user of MCBans!

As the server is very new and released relatively early. We'll still make sure that your time on the server is at it's top notch peak.
As the server is new, we're lacking staff. Staff positions are open, to apply for a position fill out this and message me personally through planetminecraft.
Time Zone:
Why do you want to become staff:
Previous Experience:
Time Commitment per day:
Plugin Experience:
Able to communicate through skype:

Staff Requirements:

  • 13 years or older.
  • Able to communicate through skype
  • Able to handle all situations with profession
  • Must know inside and out of the rules
  • Must have been on the server for longer than 2 weeks

As the server is relativity new there will be allot of changes on permission(s) for ranks.
Right now when you start off on the server you'll obtain the rank 'Newbie'.
We have a general idea how the server is going to be ran.
We're going to have a builder ranking system, rank up by building and getting a staff member to take a look at it! And if it's acceptable for the next rank in line, you'll achieve that. Until you reach the highest builder rank on the server! Which has every command available!

Current Staff Team:
Executive Director: Rokahu
Head Of Staff: ZarbFish
Staff+: Alyssadrod
Staff: SydneySTB

We're wanting more staff! go ahead and apply as soon as you reach the requirements!

Also, we're handling a rank called 'YouTube'. If you have a youtube channel and have over 2000 subscribers feel free to message me with hard evidence that it is you and you'll receive a Youtube rank on the server!

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