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Cocrafters - unleash your inner survivalist


Notice !!! 65 slots are not for 65 players, they are just for MCMMO tabskills..............................................................

Hellou Ladies and gentlemen and youngsters..
New server (to MS) has joined for the first time !!
Me, personaly and my staff want welcome you to join us on CoCrafters..
We have been an private server for a while. But of course after a while (5 weeks) wanted to tp meet new peeps like you on this server. We like to see you play on with us, :3

Ok..the server basics are always standart and game type to. The main reason is to play ONLY survival. non-creative Mp. But you maybe wondering to what for sort surivval do we have.

first of all.. we have 4 main types of worlds.

Overworld = MainSpawn

Overworld_2 = Survival

Overworld_3 = SurvivalPlot

World_the_end = The end

And those are as i told you, main worlds..but of course, nether is disabled due to spawning many entities and causing heavy lag.

Ok enough with server deion...
You now may look after what types of ranks we have on server to.. (took a hellish of time to fix them)
But yeah here they are :

[ Member ] = the most standart rank on servers. Have all basic Essentials commands

[ Builder ] = The second standart rank on servers. Have all commands from [ Member ] and plus some extra cheat commands.

[ Helper ] = yes this is another standart one :). This rank inherits all of the commands from above including /fly and /i
with spawns blocks.

[ Architect ] = yes you know this one.. :D This rank is for those who helps server to still stand on its feet's. By donating a small amount of 15$ you will get this rank, with has all of the commands above including /speed /gamemode and worldedit commands with more. ( forgot with was they :P my bad )

and next ranks after this are little more serious, cause they are more special donator ranks :

[ Basic Donator ]

[ Donator+ ]

[ Advanced Donator ]

[Ultima Donator ]

And now enough of server ranks to :3 Ok, when you join the server for the first time. You will get some extra items in your inventory and of course, you will recieve a book called "ranks&rules". I'ts basic server book. :3 be sure to read it.

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