This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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PantzyCraft - Old School Survival


Welcome to PantzyCraft!

This server will grant you the capability to let your creativity fly!
The Staff is very nice, easily accessible and helpful. If you have any questions, just post them in the chat, or private message it to us and we will help you shortly! :)
Any complains you may have about the server or the Staff can be sent in to me as a PM here, or as a comment down below

Some people gets creative-mode because of their very high building skills! This is something that YOU can achieve simply by taking some photos of your server, maybe even film it, and post it on PlanetMinecraft. Doing so might get you into the group "Architect" which leads us to the final point: You get the ability to go in and out of Creative mode!
Using this ability wisely can get you promoted to some of our other groups! :)

A couple of things to clear up some questions:

  • No, we do not want to tell you which plugins we use!
  • Asking for Staff is like asking to become President of the United States. Idiotic...
  • Getting raided is something you might come across on this server! We cannot help you 24/7 with that problem!
  • Some major griefs will be restored back to how it looked before it got griefed!
  • Helping players, following the rules, being ethical and nice to the Staff and the people, WITHOUT any ass-kissing, might get you promoted some time!

Thank you for reading this!


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