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Pawstep Pathway Warrior Cats

Pawstep Pathway Warrior Cats


Pawstep Pathway is a server for lovers of reading, specifically lovers of reading the Warriors books by Erin Hunter.

To play, we require you read the English version of Into the Wild by Erin Hunter, and will test you on this matter.

On this server, we roleplay based off the Warrior Cats books. We have four fanClans:

(GCP means General Clan Personality)

Leader: Lilystar
GCP: Fiercely loyal, extremely hostile toward loners and rogues.
Biome: Strikingly beautiful mega taiga

Leader: Aspenstar
GCP: Passive, but with turmoil at its heart. Loves the open air but also enclosed caverns.
Biome: Taiga, but with the trees burned down and replaced with open grassland

Leader: Rosestar
GCP: Tough, extremely skilled climbers. Considered the most hostile toward other Clans, known to even cause wars.
Biome: Sharp, jagged mountain peaks

Leader: elkstar
GCP: Brave, strong walkers of darkness. Definitely can't fear the dark because they live among it and walk with it as a Clanmate.
Biome: Roofed forest, with sections of forest and plains

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