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This server is a whitelisted server for people who enjoy using many mods and wont have a problem installing the mods.. with the mods installed there a few conflicted ids message me at regarding any installation issues or id conflicts. I am also an avid user of google plus and hangouts so message me on that as well. Ill give you the mod versions if needed but they should all be the latest for 1.6.4. Feel Free To ask ANY questions regarding the server. Also applications required before i whitelist you on the server, i am VERY paranoid. Im not gonna give you a format just try and impress me :) Mod list : Mo creatures, Biomes o Plenty, Blood Magic, CodechickenCore, CustomMobSpawner, Enchiridion, ExtrabiomesXL , ExtraTIC, Gravity Gun , Trail Mix, Hats Mod, KeithyUtils, Magical Crops, Mariculture, metallurgy, Powersuits , Nature, notenoughcodecs, Not Enough Items , Numina , OpenBlocks , OpenMods, Portal Gun, Tinkers construct, Thaumcraft, ThermalExpansion, Ichun Util, Waila

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