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Humblecraft -Hub- -Survival- -BuildIt- -Quake- -Su




                -We have a strong core of a staff that work well and productively together to help the community. 

-A shop that is both good for selling and buying.

-The ability to meet people from around the world.

-You can engage in Player vs Player combat but not in towns!

-Beautiful Steampunk Military Spawn!

-Free to build anywhere outside of spawn

-Many towns are sprouting up that you can join.

Premium Packages:
Trader: [Trader] title. HeadGrabber. /nick. 1 stack of emeralds. Set 3 homes. /tpa. /pet

Envoy: [Envoy] title. HeadGrabber. Plot of protected Land. /nick. 2 stacks of emeralds. Set up to 3 homes! /tpa. VIP Exclusive Mini-Games. /pet

Renown: [Renown] title. HeadGrabber. Large plot of protected Land. /nick. 3 stacks of emeralds. Set up to 5 homes! /tpa. TimTheEnchanter. VIP Exclusive Mini-Games(Coming Soon). /pet (Flying aswell)

Prove your worth promotion: If you have bought 2 months of Trader, Get your 3rd month free!

Hardcore Supporter: If you have bought 2 months of Renown, Get your 3rd month free

| The Rules |

[1] No racism [2] No swearing

[3] Be respectful [4] No hacking

[5] No asking for ranks [6] No griefing/raiding

[7] No advertising [8] No spamming

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