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Factions - Creative - A New Kind Of Factions


We're in open beta!

Welcome to Coffecraft!

A server that focuses everything around factions. Everyone knows those regular faction server with the one main goal, take over the world and be the best faction possible. Coffecraft is different. Coffecraft thinks about how factions can be improved. At Coffecraft, we add features weekly that provides fun, entertainment, and that heart pounding, “AM I GOING TO LIVE” feeling. We add features like, new world generations, PvP arenas, mob arenas, contests, events, and more to make Minecraft more fun.

Coffecraft Is Different?

The Owners, and staff members have been playing Minecraft for a while, and realized something was missing. After a while of playing Minecraft, it gets a little bit boring, everything is the same! In Coffecraft, every week there is something different that happens. A game changing event. We also have multiple faction worlds, skygrid, a regular world, and a flatworld. We add a new world every month, and by popular vote, we might take down a world. Each world shares your faction’s power, so you can choose whether to only go for one world, or spread your power and faction cross worlds.
That sounds boring. What else can I do?

If you get bored while playing factions, you can chill out doing quests that get reset every other day, fight off mobs in the mob arena, prove your PvP skill in our PvP arena, play some hunger games, ask a staff member to be able to build in our build world for a chance to get it featured at a spawn of your choosing, You can setup a player shop at spawn and get rich and buy someone to work for you, hang out at spawn and chat with the other players or staff, and or join our gaming community and play other games with us!
Ok, that whole earning money thing sounded pretty cool. How does it work?

Player shops are amazing. They allow anyone to setup a shop and earn money. But player shops isn’t the only way to earn money. You earn money by killing other players, playing the mob arena, and killing mobs. But we feel the best way is to have a shop. We do have a spawn shop for each world, but it’s really really expensive. We do this because we want to encourage players to open up shops. We have 1 plot at the spawn that any player can bid for every Monday, all you have to do is tell a staff member you want to bid. Players can make shops anywhere and if they pay $5,000 in game money, we’ll set a warp there. Economy is run fully on players, there is no admin shops or spawn shops.

Coffecraft is part of the Coffecraft gaming clan. A clan that focuses on sandbox and simulator games, for a different take on clans. For more information on our server and gaming clan check out our website:

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