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Toast Anarchy


Get Ready to Get Toasted!

Ever feel like Plain Survival Minecraft Servers were just too easy? Sounds a lot like plain bread hunh? Well no longer is that your only choice! Get ready to get toasted on Toasted Anarchy!

Toasted Anarchyreturns FUN back into Minecraft!

Toasted Anarchy is an Anarchy server allowing all your favorite hits such as:

Open World Roaming (No World Borders)
Vanilla Survival leaves much to be desired. Most servers offer Factions or Clans with Land and Chest Protection.
Not HERE ON TOAST ANARCHY!No Factions, No Clans, No Land Claiming, No Chest Protection!

We dislike Chest Protection so much that the Enderchest is restricted to 9 slots! YES, only 9 slots per player (though Donors will receive more!)

Please be advised that the side effects of Toast Anarchy may include but are not limited to:

Fun times with friends!
Fun times with Zombies!
Free roam over an open map!
Shopping til you drop with Emeralds as currency!
Death by backstabbing!
Death by falling!

Come join the fun today! Admins and mods do not interfere here, and donor packages are coming soon!

Planned features of donors?
One time donor perks!
Ongoing donor perks!
Multiple homes!
Larger Enderchests!

Come today to play on Toast Anarchy and bring the Jam!

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