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Factions (Optional PvP) | Creative | KitPvP | 1v1 | McInfected

CrypticCraft. Does the name excite you? No? Then you're missing out on the most fun you could've had in the past hour. CrypticCraft offers four gamemodes, Factions, Creative, KitPvP, and McInfected. On Factions, you team up with other players to take down teams of other players by any means necessary. If killing and raiding isn't your style, there's a peaceful faction set up that you may join. On Creative, you set out with 50x50 plots in the simple effort to build awesomeness. Plots never expire, and in the case of a restart, you will be able to download your builds. In KitPvP, it's a madhouse of killing. There are 6 unique kits from you to choose from, each one to suit a different style of PvP. If you feel a fellow player is being a jerk, you can invite them to a 1v1 match and show em who's boss. In McInfected, players are split up into teams of Humans and Zombies. The object of the game is for humans to survive, and zombies to infect the humans.
CrypticCraft also has a smashing website for players to come together; . Sporting state-of-the-art forum software, this is the place to chat. Our ranks are very fair and EULA compliant (Because you know, servers are totally listening to it). As the server matures, we'd like to make votes a currency for some perks on each server. For example, redeem 100 (big number but not that hard to get) votes for another plot!
So give CrypticCraft a try! You probably won't regret it!

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